PowderPerfekt® the ORIGINAL SINGLE FINGERTIP support system to the  CEREC® procedure needs NO improvements or changes to remain the BEST!

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"The PowderPerfekt® is a perfect powdering device. I am able to precisely place powder without having to be a contortionist.  The syringe design allows powder to be placed in the most difficult access cases in precise amounts.  The thumb-activated button on the syringe easily controls the flow of powder.  I recommend the PowderPerfekt® to all the dentists in my training classes."


DR. JOE PALMER, Piedmont, South Carolina

CEREC® 3 Trainer

The excitement generated by a product with the capacity to improve an already hi-tech machine seems too good to be true.  An instrument as revolutionary as the CERECâ machine should have all of its support systems equally efficient as the CERECâ itself.  The dentist who invests in the CERECâ shows interest in giving the best possible, enhanced treatment to his patients.

A pioneering dentist wanted an instrument that could powder image, as well as the CEREC® can mill.  He resolved to pursue such a device and so evolved the PowderPerfekt® Instrument. He presented his idea to a research and development individual.  With the man’s engineering knowledge and the dentist’s innovative vision, the instrument was made.  It has taken a year to bring this patented powdering device to the needs of the dental profession.

The PowderPerfekt® unit is an ergonomically correct and easy to operate device, making it user friendly.  The powdering procedure is now a pleasure and not a chore.  The air source comes from a filtered dry air syringe, with a single button control.  Learning to operate the  PowderPerfekt® Instrument takes but a few moments.  Most dentists and assistants find this hand syringe second nature to use.

The powdering unit uses any powdering media you prefer. It has a newly designed applicator handle, which allows precise metering of the flow and accurate deposition of the finest dispersion layer.  The delivery system takes full advantage of airflow and turbulence generation in a manner causing the powdering media to remain in suspension, while a uniform flow rate simplifies deposition.

With the provided handy accessâ  tip installed on the air syringe, it becomes a multipurpose instrument useful for blowing clean dry air through the small ports on the PowderPerfekt®.  It may be used to clear the powder from the interproximal surfaces and the sulcus.  Also, its use may extend to drying tooth surfaces with filtered dry air.  Changing from a powdering device to a dry air syringe takes but a moment of time.

Caring for the PowderPerfekt® Instrument requires simple disassembly.  The spray nozzle is removed from the main block with just a convenient twisting pull.  Loosening the thumbscrew separates the syringe from the PowderPerfekt® powdering assembly, allowing for further maintenance….(maintenance equipment provided.)  The entire unit can be disassembled for a complete cleaning and then reassembled in minutes. All materials are medical grade. Tips and nozzles may be placed in an autoclave and are easily exchanged without the need for tools.

Its ergonomic design will reduce your risk of repetitive stress injury and improve your productivity because with this revolutionary intent, the controls are literally at your fingertips.  Make your CERECâ machine more profitable and easier to use, with the support of the PowderPerfekt® unit.  Your staff also benefits from the efficiency of this combination.  Powdering technique has never been so simple or profitable.



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